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We spend a great deal of time being consumed by work, family matters, current events, and media. When do we get time for “ME”? For most of us, the answer is we don’t. This blog is about “DIVERSIONS” from the serious preoccupations above. I am hoping that “DIVERSIONS” will provide a small respite to view, read and think about what I call “self-care”! If we were given the time to just “be” and “enjoy” some of life’s simple pleasures, what would that be for you?  For me, and I suspect some of you, that has to do with enjoying a fine handmade cigar, sipping a great wine or a spirit, listening to great music, reading for pleasure and telling or listening to some stories about the same. Oh, and do not jump to the conclusion that this is a “boys only” affair. By no means! Believe it or not, I know quite a few women who enjoy these DIVERSIONS as much if not more than the boys.

So “DIVERSIONS” is meant to bring you some of the best of cigars, spirits, stories and more. DIVERSIONS will provide interesting and informative bits of information about cigars, wines, spirits, and favorite places while traveling. Guest experts will educate us about some of the finer forms of diversions. Besides the experts, we want to hear from YOU!

Michael Giannini – Ventura Cigar Company

What could be revolutionary in Cigars?  Michael Giannini that’s what!  This video series is less about cigars but rather, rebranding and rethinking old products.  Michael Giannini, the head of…

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Heritage Distilling Company – Award Winning Craft Distillery in Seattle

Craft Distilling? Meet Heritage Distilling CompanyDuring a recent business trip to visit Mintaka Financial and Orion First in Seattle, I stayed at an Inn next to a very interesting and…

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Willy Herrara

An interview with Master Blender Willy Herrera Meet world-famous master blender of fine cigars, Willy Herrera. The interview took place at my favorite cigar lounge in the US, Stogies World…

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